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Buvette French Restaurant NYC Dessert

Thursday evening.

Buvette French Restaurant NYC Dessert

Done from work, I leave for home, thinking of something to pick up to go for dinner – usual drill. At 33rd street, where I get off, I receive the husband’s voicemail that he’s done for the day as well. Happy about an opportunity to eat out 🙂

Buvette French Restaurant NYC

Welcome to Buvette! That’s the vibe you receive as soon as you enter this place. The look is fantastic. A date and a romantic evening place.

Buvette French Restaurant NYC

Buvette in French means refreshment room/ stall – http://dictionary.reverso.net/french-english/buvette

Buvette French Restaurant NYC Wine

Hauner Hiera wine is what we ordered – a beautiful deep, luminous ruby red color with light grenade glares, the bouquet of wide reaching character is full of sensations that range from small ripe red fruits like blackberry and blueberry to underlying notes of vanilla – description courtesy http://www.wines.com/wines/hauner-hiera

Everything’s bantam there. Look at the little fork and knife, and the glass – that was the most fetching for me.

And look at the cute menu

Buvette French Restaurant NYC Cauliflower

Cauliflower Tian – cauliflower done with cheese.  It tasted good. Recommend. This was a special that day.


Cauliflower always tastes well with butter, sautéed to perfection. Indian friends, the next time you prepare cauliflower, try it in ghee instead of oil.

Buvette French Restaurant NYC Artichokes

I am a big fan of artichokes. We ordered the Artichauts a la Grecque. It was OK, nothing offensive about it. Served cold, I thought the olives didn’t go as well with them, the olive oil and the herbs did.

Buvette French Restaurant NYC Dessert

Ratatouille Nicoise was the other dish we ordered which I loved. A different play, so far I’d always had it warm. The cold ratatouille was spread on toasted bread topped with sour cream. Recommend.

We saved some room for dessert – mousse aux chocolat.

So my friend, C had sent me this link from NY Times when I told her that I love chocolate desserts. This was the primary reason I came here. The mousse was super soft – melted as we put it in our mouth. The cream was good too – fresh. A great dessert for folks who do not like their desserts too sweet.

The service vowed me.

And this map on the wall with the maps of France and Italy limning the regions where the  wines come from was a riveting idea.

Buvette French Restaurant NYC Map

Totally a date place, but the husband and I enjoyed with S.

Santé! To another wonderful evening (with the husband and the friend). To New York City. To life.

Four Stars.


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