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Buddakan Asian Restaurant NYC Dessert

Fancy Schmancy!

Buddakan Asian Restaurant NYC Dessert

By New York standards, the place is super prodigious. You should reserve well in advance for the fancier seating, but no worries if you don’t. They have big enough walk in area as well – that has individual tables and one big communal table.

This is the reserved area seating.

Buddakan NYC Asian Restaurant

Buddakan NYC Asian Restaurant

The place is very sprightly. We decided to go there on a Saturday evening, almost an impromptu decision. So a reservation was out of question, but we got a table in the walk-in area pretty soon, probably because we were there before 8:00. It was four of us, J, S, the husband and I.

The husband and I had a rough duel only a little while ago, but the place totally uplifted my spirits. So did the food 🙂

Vegan/ vegetarian options totally suffice.

Carrot dumplings are one of the best I’ve had. Usually the dumpling crusts are either plain or spinach based, these were carrot based. And the crust was one of the thinnest. Recommend.

Buddakan NYC Asian Restaurant Dumplings

The second appetizer was a tofu based dish.

For the entrees, we ordered wild mushroom chow fun noodles. Wide noodles. They were amazing. Amazing. I love noodles – Thai mostly, and this was the best non-Thai noodle I ate.

The vegetable rice with coconut curry foam – the MOST delectable I have eaten. Ever.

From the tofu section, we got spiced tofu and  cashews (w/o the eggplant) over dried pineapple. The tofu was very well done. Next best after Lotus of Siam in NYC. That’s one of my corroboration for a great restaurant from a good one.

This should’ve sufficed for us two vegetarian folks who were there that evening, but we ordered sugar snap peas and charred asparagus too. We were way to stuffed with all this and the wines that kept pouring.

But, the desserts person that I am, we had to order at least one. And we did – the vanilla rhubarb shortcake. It was worth it.


Try a new restaurant everytime is my philosophy. But I am returning to Buddakan. For everything I ate that evening (I believe we pretty much covered all their vegan options) and for the other desserts that I could not eat.


Five Stars (and more) for everything. Including the service. Even though she got a wrong order once and a wrong cheque in the first place.

gān bēi to New York City, life, the husband, and the friends, yet again.


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