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Talk about food bringing people together! I went to Brickhouse with a girl who found my blog a couple of weeks back.

It was so nice to meet someone who loves food as much as I do, who looked up the menu in advance and knew exactly what to order. I do that all the time!

Brickhouse restored some faith that Hong Kong has some decent Mexican food to offer. New York is my yardstick for comparison.

The place is quite lively, more to hangout with friends than family. Tucked in an alley in Lan Kwai Fung or LKF, it’s open for dinners through later in the nights. Loud music, colourful yet rustic decor. It had it all going for it.

I was disappointed with my drinks that were very watered down. I don’t know what’s with these places charging generously for measly spiked drinks.

I’d gotten the Carlito’s Mezcal which had passionfruit, lime and smoked grapefruit. I did enjoy that smokiness. The Diabla 2.0 with vodka, raspberry, tamarind and habanero failed on the taste as well as the liquor content. It might as well have been a bland mocktail.

We got the Mexican street-style corn and nachos to share. The corn was good – your usual Mexican corn on the cob with anejo butter, spiced mayo and parmesan.

The nachos were corn chips topped with vegetarian chili con carne (the carrots caught my attention) and the usual fixings of guac, sour cream, cheese, onions and cilantro. While they were good, I’m not sure if that HKD 165 price tag was justified. It could’ve done with more toppings and bigger portion size? I don’t know. I’m still to come to terms with the HK prices.

Beet fries on the menu caught our attention but we saved it for another day.

I would’ve left happier, had the drinks been better. Pun intended!


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