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This was the second consecutive weekend we were here and the food didn’t disappoint.

Both the times, I ordered the Gujarati thali. Dal, kadhi, one vegetable (potato tomato or aalu tamatar), rice, roti, dhokla, yogurt and dessert were the same on both times. Two vegetables were different and a vegetable fritter was different. They had potato one time and  The first time, they had chickpeas and cabbage. Today, they had kala chana (a thinner, smaller and darker version of chickpeas) and squash as the other. Preparations of the meal – on point, good and very home style. The dal was out of the park good.

We’ve been living out of suitcases for over a month and a half now, hence, more appreciation for the home style food 😉

Last time, the husband got chola bhatura (chickpeas curry with fried leavened flatbread), which was good. A relatively small sized bhatura but nicely done. And we also got the medu vada (fried lentil dumplings for the lack of being able to explain it better), which was great. Perfectly fried, cooked inside, crisp outside. And a very very very nice sambhar – the kind I like, in terms of the taste and the tadka. It didn’t have as many vegetables as we usually put at home, but it still hit home run for me.

This time, it was vada pav and capsicum paneer masala, also known as kadhai paneer. Both were good, again. The panner sabzi gravy wasn’t the smooth ones like you usually get at the North Indian restaurants, but was more chunky. And with abundant garlic, it tasted very good.

The vada pav wasn’t as expected. They served the vadas and the pav breads separately, with a side of sambhar and coconut chutney. It was missing the quintessential dry garlic chutney. And I like green chutney as well with it. The besan (chickpea flour batter) layer could’ve been thinner.

IMG_20170819_120906 IMG_20170819_120908
IMG_20170819_120911 IMG_20170819_120913
IMG_20170819_120915 IMG_20170819_120921

IMG_20170819_121550 IMG_20170819_121603 IMG_20170819_121627

IMG_20170813_115353 IMG_20170813_115357
IMG_20170813_115939 IMG_20170813_115945
IMG_20170813_115951 IMG_20170813_115953
IMG_20170813_120003 IMG_20170813_120005
IMG_20170813_120006 IMG_20170813_120038

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