Borgata & Blackjack

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Borgata in Atlantic City has been the casino I’ve frequented most often, relative to the other ones there.

I find it a bit difficult on the pockets that they don’t let you surrender. On totals of 14 – 16, I usually don’t like to hit.

Second, they’ve got just one $5 table (yeah, I don’t have deep pockets yet), that’s always busy (obviously) and only one or two $10 (I think), leaving you with $15 minimum bets. Not that that’s bad, but if ‘that streak’ continues, you lose money pretty fast.

I learnt something new last evening while there. I usually go by the rules (read blackjack cheat sheet), but sometimes I go by gut and double down on a hard 12 when the dealer is showing a 10, or split a 20 (two 10s) when the dealer is showing 4 or 5 or 6. A couple of times it happened earlier, I saw the dealer yell out what I did. I thought they were annoyed with my move. Well, they were apparently (in their heads), but a dealer yesterday informed me that it was to alert the manager that I could be counting cards or something, since I was doing something a normal person, knowing blackjack, wouldn’t.

I donated some to them (read lost) :p

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