Bombay Dreams

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Bombay Dreams

Bombay Dreams is the first of Dining Concept‘s restaurants. It’s been almost two years since our move to the mighty Kong and it was time I paid it a visit.

The husband insisted on an Indian meal after our drinks sesh and we found our way to Bombay Dreams, being in the ‘hood.

After we placed our orders, they got us Indian amuse bouche – mini dahi vada bites. Prettily plated, very soft vadas. I thought I tasted a bit of oil in the vadas – the kind when the batter is a bit too airy and hence it absorbs more oil when being fried. The husband didn’t and thought they were fine.

We ordered the aalu meetha aalu chaat – Indian street food version of sweet potato, potato topped with chutneys and the likes.

When it arrived, it didn’t quite visually appeal. Bite-sized chunks that were probably boiled, then fried – per my husband. Given how dry and a tad bit undercooked they felt to me, I thought they were fried straight off.

It was topped with onions, tomatoes and a wee bit of cilantro. While the tamarind chutney tasted quite nice, some green coriander chutney and sev would’ve added to it, but given how dry and underwhelming they were, I chose to speak up. The husband rarely does, but when I told him I would, he chose to do it himself.

The kind host /manager/server who took our order asked for our feedback on why we didn’t like it. He later came to apologize and mentioned that it doesn’t usually look like that and he thought it seemed dry too.

Next up were Amritsari kulcha – stuffed Indian style flatbread with onions, potatoes, coriander and Kashmiri chilli, paneer khatta pyaaz – cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic and pickled onions, and bhindi pyaaz masala – okra tossed with fresh green onions, tomatoes and ginger.

While I was happy with the kulcha, the husband found it under-seasoned. So was the butter roti that we ordered later.

Both the vegetable dishes were your average ones – both on the presentation and taste. Having eaten paneer dishes and bhindi masala plenty, I have high expectations from when I eat at restaurants. And they rarely keep up. Sadly for me, that was the case here as well.

The dishes didn’t cater on the looks for the husband either, but he enjoyed the taste on both of those.

A couple of other observations that I made this past Saturday evening while here. It was past 20:45, the place wasn’t all packed, yet, when we asked a lady server for spoons, she placed both of them by the husband. I, my placemat and my side of the table were as accessible to her as my husband’s. Was she generous and gave two to the husband? Did she expect the husband to pass on the second one to me? Was she having a bad day? Whatever the reason was, it certainly wasn’t good hospitality.

That’s one Michelin bib gourmand recommendation disappointment!


Edited to add –

I visited here a few weeks later for a buffet lunch on Sunday. And let me tell you, my opinion of the food was completely different then. Everything was great, from their curries to dals, to the dosas and desserts. May I just had a bad evening that first time. I’ve heard good things about this place from most other people too.


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