Bodhi Tree Cafe

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Bodhi Tree hadn’t popped up in my initial search, but on looking up here, it did, on Google Maps, so I marked it up. And such a lovely place it was.

I love low seatings. The place was very quiet. Perfect for dates.

The food was freshly cooked. The fruits and vegetables – cucumbers, tomatoes – freshly cut, you could tell.

A hearty pancake for the child.

Fruits and yogurt for the other kids. And some fried rice with cashews and pineapple. It was alright, not ace.

The panang curry too, was decent but not the best. They didn’t add your typical vegetables, but all kinds, including squash.

That papaya salad was dynamite. I could’ve licked the plate.

And that kombucha with ginger zing. I could drink it every single day. It was so good. For people how like ginger, that is.

IMG_20171224_150016 IMG_20171224_150038
IMG_20171224_150044 IMG_20171224_150047
IMG_20171224_150126 IMG_20171224_150254
IMG_20171224_151446 IMG_20171224_151615
IMG_20171224_151621 IMG_20171224_152752
IMG_20171224_152756 IMG_20171224_152810
IMG_20171224_152939 IMG_20171224_153012
IMG_20171224_153036 IMG_20171224_153052
IMG_20171224_153158 IMG_20171224_153852
IMG_20171224_153900 IMG_20171224_153909_Bokeh
IMG_20171224_153919 IMG_20171224_160901
IMG_20171224_160909 IMG_20171224_160918
IMG_20171224_160925 IMG_20171224_160935
IMG_20171224_160938 IMG_20171224_161018

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