Blueberry Babka Braided Bread

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Blueberry Babka Braided Bread

A fellow mama inspired me to go the extra mile with her stuffed steamed buns for the child’s school’s Chinese New Year celebrations. On to Google looking up a vegan blueberry cake recipe, this vegan blueberry babka popped up and I went with it.

Woke up at 5 AM this AM to make this! #mommylife

In between the dough proofing sessions in what felt like wee hours of the morning, I tried to catch up on my sleep. Couldn’t. Dreamt of cockroaches. That too flying ones. Eeks! What has Hong Kong done to me!

Later on, the child’s happiness knew no bounds seeing it baking in the oven when he woke up. He wanted a chocolate cake, but I told him this was nicer, more complicated and all that, showing him the pictures I took of the process. So, he smiled with excitement. He hoped for it to taste as good. And went on to add that if it did, that’s what he’d want forever.

Walking to his school, I heard him say with excitement, “I don’t want you to fall.” I knew it was for the bread, but still, my heart and I both went, “Aww, you don’t want me to fall!” Jolted to reality real quick with his, “It. IT. I don’t want it (pointing to the bread) to fall.”

I could :/

This babka was adapted from Bianca Zapatka‘s post.


Used my Magimix Cook Expert for kneading and proofing the dough. After the initial rise, rolled it on an aluminium foil since I didn’t want to use my kitchen counter directly.

Spread the IKEA blueberry jam.

Rolled it up.

Cut it vertically. Twisted and twirled.

Transferred to my aluminium foil lined cast iron pan because I didn’t want to wash it after.

Proofed it for another 45 minutes.

Brushed with milk and baked at 355 F for 40 minutes.

For next time, I’ll probably be rolling it thinner – both the initial roll and then as a log. For now, happy with the look and feel. Awaiting the child’s critique when I pick him up from school this afternoon.


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