Birthday Hopping and Some Rude People

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Birthday Hopping and Some Rude People

Yesterday, we hopped from one birthday to another. A friend’s sons first birthday party at Akbar in Edison, which contrary to what I’d heard, had not so tasty food. A sunny afternoon and an improvised al fresco lunching there with the usual group to beat the busy hall indoors was a good way to spend time with the kids there.

The ride to and from home was about 50 minutes each way. After coming home, I baked a cake for the next birthday of a friend at his place. I had some mango cream that I’d over whipped and it had fallen flat. I used that as the base and then roughly went ahead with the proportions, pretty much. So with two cups of the mango cream, I used two cups of all purpose flour, four teaspoons of baking powder and over two teaspoons of baking soda. I think I over did the baking soda or powder, because my bundt cake later rose and fell flat. That hasn’t happened to me in a while, so I’m guessing that might be the reason.

I added more sugar and oil, just based on my estimates and knowledge of cooking and baking. The sugar turned out fine. It was just the cake falling a little flat.

The result was a soft, crumbly and moist texture inside and a crisp bottom. I didn’t get a photo of the cut cake (because I was too shy) and not everyone knows of my blog for me to get that photo of a cut cake without fielding questions.

So the cake was cut at this friend’s place where we ate dinner too – some good biryani and malai kofta from Karma Cafe and some appetizers from Amiya.

A good time here and we went to this friend’s place for his wife’s birthday. I say this because I don’t want to call his wife a friend any more. You give them a few chances, and then you move on, right? I’ll be moving on. Before I do, here’s what happened.

I was trying to make small talk with this friend’s wife. While doing so, I mentioned, “She looks so cute with her long hair,” referring to baby girl. To that, the lady made a face and retorted, “So that’s good. Not like a tom boy, right?” Caught a little off-guard, I had a question mark on my face. She’s not grown-up enough to apologize but went on saying, “I mean the joke is on me. Other people keep telling me that I dress her up like a tom boy.”

I take it that she’s heard a lot of that from other people. But I haven’t had that conversation with her ever, and was just flummoxed at a grown up behaving this way. Guess, I’m saying hello to small(er) talks limited to hello(s) and bye(s) with her. 

So move on and only come back to the cake that I baked. Lack of time and a tad laziness led to finishing it with dusted sugar 🙂

Cheers to birthdays and good days and good people and looking up and ahead 🙂

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