Bindaas Bar + Kitchen

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Bindaas is a Hindi term that translates to carefree, happy-go-lucky, light-hearted and such; and is usually attributed to people. I think I’m one of those 🙂


This Sunday, we ended up going there for lunch. On looks, the place is nice and modern looking.

The name suggests it might not be as friendly for kids. Well, not that it wasn’t – the staff was in fact very friendly and polite but the seating wasn’t kid friendly. My three year old slipped at least four times from the seat, not the high chair but the high chair cushioned seating because the support for the foot-rest was down there. Things you notice about design elements once you have a child!

Party-esque music was playing and we were the first people to arrive there for lunch. After we got seated and they got us one of the things we ordered, the floor manager (I presume) politely asked us to move to another table as they had a reservation. He was nice enough to ask if it was alright if he moved us and said, “We’ll help you move.”

The server helped me with a bag and offered to take the child as well, but he refused is different.

The grumpster wanted a kala-khatta margarita but they didn’t have a bartender yet so he went with the mango lassi. Which was a little light on the mango.

The naan-[p]izza he ordered was Oriental style, with manchurian on it. Light gobi manchurian and enough cheese, this was decently executed.

I ordered a Malabar paratha and baingan mirchi saalan. It took some time for these two to arrive, but I enjoyed them. The paratha was crisp and soft both, though became chewy as it cooled down. Realizing that it wouldn’t suffice, I ordered a garlic naan as well, which was done nicely – sufficent garlic and a thin naan, evenly cooked.

The saalan is a dish from the southern part of India, Hyderabad – prepared with chilies, peanuts and an array of spices. Every thing was blended smooth in the curry here, and I enjoyed it. The eggplant and peppers were perfectly done – crunchy but cooked peppers, and tender eggplant, when you bit into it. The jalapenos were a bit cooked like the eggplant where I would’ve preferred it done like the capsicums, but it tasted good, nevertheless. And that spice kick was just what I wanted.

I did see a hair in the curry, but I was in no mood to tell them, so just put that piece of naan with the curry and hair stuck to it aside.

The husband ordered egg bhurji and it arrived in a neat presentation on a wooden board with soft buttered pav and a cute little container for the bhurji. 

While we were having our lunch, one of the servers was being disciplined. I think that should’ve happened a little more discretely.

They did check back with us on if we wanted to still get the margarita as the bartender was now available – so a thumbs up for that as well.

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