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After lazying at home on a pretty Saturday and having been craving for spaghetti for a while, I decided to visit Bianca this evening (November 9). The place opens at 5 and we got there by 6:30 and were asked to wait a bit. The place screams warmth and contentment, but the food, for me, did not!

I’ll tell you how I decide places – based on what I want to eat, of course, my mood for a casual or romantic or upscale or what not, the number of people, the vegetarian options at the restaurant and my estimate of the wait times/ reservation expectations at the restaurant. Extremely limited or no vegetarian options on the menu but the place is ravely reviewed, I’d go there with the hubster only. A few vegetarian options, I’d go there with another couple friend. More, I’ll keep it for when we have more company.

Bianca was on my list; it had spaghetti which I wanted to eat; it does not take reservations so Friday was out since it’s usually more people plus the time my husband gets done is 7:30, 8ish, implying a longer wait; not as many vegetarian options, meaning an early dinner on Saturday with just two people would be fine.

The moment I saw somebody eating spaghetti, my expectations went down. The noodles didn’t look even. They tasted alright, but didn’t satiate my ‘spaghetti’ craving, really. The husband got a ravioli, which was quite mediocre, too. The appetizer that we got – fried artichokes with fried parsley was something I liked.

The dessert – was supposed to be a sponge cake with mascarpone cheese, but it was more like short cake with a boozy cheese sauce. The booze wasn’t mentioned on the menu and our server, though she apologized, was quite unapologetic about it. I, ideally, shouldn’t be having any alcohol. A bite into it and I realized something was too bitter.

The hubs and I had a cute date together, but the food disappointed.

The fun continued when we visited Ni and told him about the new expected little one.




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