bhave Smoothe Keratin Treatment

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I’m not a drama queen when I say I feel like crying looking at my how my hair looks these days. A decade back, I had lovely textured hair. Hair that would fall straight and silky no matter how I tied it, be it a bun, ponytail, plates or wore it straight.

Humidity & Lion King

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It’s been a bird’s nest (only a little exaggeration here) in the recent few years. I didn’t even have to comb it back then and it still looked so neat and tidy and nice and straight. Now, if I comb it, it gets even more unruly like a teenager. Or my threenager (this bit I added for drama, I’ve got a good toddler and I’m not pro using these terms).

Add to my woes that haircut in Tokyo, you read about it, did ya not?

I’ve been with my hair through thick and thin but still it chose to do this to me.

I’d been debating for a while to get a straightening treatment done. But didn’t go for it, reading of all the side/ after effects of those treatments. Plus my professional hair dryer bought in the US did great with blow drying. I don’t have the patience or the art to section my hair and then blow dry it, but flipping my hair (head down) and blow drying on the highest heat setting gave me pretty good results that lasted enough until my next head bath, even it was a week later.

Cut to Hong Kong, even after investing in a salon-popular Italian hair dryer here, and after frying and blow drying, thirty minutes later, the untamed fly-aways and curls and frizz return.

Seems like my hair was telling me to “let it go”. Not prepared for my hair to lose its virginity completely, I asked my hair to have some fun, but b[e]have!

bhave uses keratin, not chemicals and is not supposed to change the structure of the hair. It’s supposed to be one of the most organic and natural smoothing treatments that exist out there.

I went to the Glow Spa, where, with a junior stylist, the bhave smoothe treatment set me back by HKD 1,500.

My stylist, Mandy, was nice. With a cup of black coffee and cookies, here’s how it went.

She shampooed it twice (though I’ve read sometimes they give even three shampoo rinses to be extra certain that the hair is squeaky clean). After blow drying completely, she put on the keratin solution with a brush; let it sit for 30+ minutes before reapplying tiny bits at any dried out sections then some more air drying time, around 45 minutes.

This was followed by some light rinsing to remove any residual excess, then blow dried completely and flat ironed to seal the keratin in. Mandy was kind enough to check if I was OK with the straight hair or wanted subtle curls. On mentioning straight to be fine, she said I could blow dry it later, as the hair has been ironed already, should I change my mind in the next 48 hours for some volume or curls, but reiterated that not getting it wet was important.

About three hours later, as I’m writing this up, I have flat straight hair. I can still feel the product and it does not feel smooth and does not look shiny, but I guess it will be, after I shampoo and blow dry next.

Now to 48 hours of straight hair, no tying, no wetting, no nothing (yes, I know it’s a double negative and makes no sense, just like my banter here).

We’ll see how the hair behaves. And if it doesn’t, then I’m going to India for three weeks, might as well be a good old bahu (daughter in law) and do the ghunghat (cover my head and my face!) and all that jazz :p

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