Beyrouth Bistro

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Beyrouth Bistro

The first time I went to Beyrouth Bistro, the taste levels of what we had were decent. The attitude levels of who’s probably the owner – higher.

Today, when my usual to-go falafel place in Hong Kong was closed, I walked down a few more steps and ordered a falafel wrap takeaway. And I asked him to pack me a spicy sauce on the side. The taste levels of some of what I ate today – barf! Attitude levels – well.

He asked me what kind of a sauce. I said spicy, AGAIN. Without reciprocating his attitude. He asked me again, what kind – yoghurt, garlic, chilli? I should’ve taken a moment there and ran! I don’t remember eating spicy yoghurt dips at any Middle Eastern places I’ve been to, but I calmly responded chilli.

The lady in the kitchen just brought the wrap out, and when the owner(?) reminded her of chilli sauce, she took that plastic squeeze bottle that looked like ketchup. I consoled my self saying they must know better than to use ketchup in a falafel wrap. Especially when I’ve asked for a chilli sauce.

A grumpy child all the way back walking home and then I open my wrap to see what looks like ketchup, no kidding. It tastes like ketchup, no kidding. Even my five years old could taste that.

No lining of hummus, a very dry wrap. Pre fried cold falafels. I rarely, rarely, rarely call back. And I’d paid cash so nothing to gain there, but ketchup, for Christ’s sake! Calling the place, he calmly repeated again that it’s just their chilli sauce and they don’t add sugar.

Yeah, he could be speaking the truth. He might be adding four specks of chilli flakes in store-bought ketchup and calling it their chilli sauce, so technically, he didn’t add any sugar!

Argh, Hong Kong! Is it safe to say, “Hong Kong, I cannot take it anymore.”


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