Beyond Sushi

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Beyond Sushi

Vegetarian sushi. I think this is one of those things that has to be very difficult to mess up.

Beyond Sushi, does it clean. A simple, healthier and vegan take on it, replacing white rice with the likes of whole grain/ brown/ multi-grain rice. The vegetables go beyond the usual carrots, avocados, cucumbers and asparagus to include basil marinated vegetables, spiced mango, well flavored tofu and so on.

In addition, they have a roll of the month. June’s was an interesting Italian take on it with grilled eggplant and rosemary.



I do not understand the concept of freshly rolled here, since the rice is cooked already and vegetables chopped in advance, other than the fact that they bring it together right when you order.

Mostly for take outs, with three tables that can seat four each, the place is tiny.

The hubster and I visited here on a Sunday. I had forgotten about the pride parade in NYC and my plan to go to Brooklyn went for a toss after it took me over ten minutes to get out to Hudson street from the Christopher path station and I figured it would take me another ten minutes to get to the 1 station, keeping the time to walk to there, aside.

It was quite a parade, one of the longer ones that I saw.


After the late lunch, we picked up a bottle of Rioja from Trader Joes, some grocery from Whole Foods and headed back home.

Beyond Sushi – **** for their simplistic good food.

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