Best Beaches in Hong Kong

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Best Beaches in Hong Kong

Bear with me as I continue to build up this post in the next few weeks & months. For now, it’s a few and I’ll keep adding.

Pui O Beach

This morning, I headed to Citygate Outlets to see what their deal was all about it. Note that with the minimalism path I’m on, I went there just to window shop. A bit over an hour’s journey from my place.

Realizing that the shops wouldn’t open till a bit later even though Google Maps said they open at 10:00, I decided to explore some more of Lantau.

Pui O had popped up on my IG feed this morning. Even before I was headed to Lantau Island. So, I quickly googled it. The pictures didn’t impress me much but it popped up on my IG feed. Being the silly (or not) it-is-a-sign person that I am, I decided to go anyway. Also because there was a direct bus (3M) from Citygate Outlets to the Pui O Beach.

The weather was cloudy, like the bus’s window shield, but it was a decent looking drive anyway. About five minutes of a walk to the beach and I was greeted by dark grey like mess. It wasn’t exactly sand but sand-like. With structures formed on it, it was clearly colonized by insects or things. I’m not sure what kinds.

Walking over, I met what looked like fine sand. It wasn’t white. It wasn’t black. It didn’t look worthy of taking my footwear of so I didn’t. But walking along, having the big beach almost to myself barring say 5 other people spread across, it was a lot of peace and quiet. I enjoyed taking in those subtle sounds of ocean waves. I walked to one end and then traced my way back.

Worth a visit. Worth going by myself. Probably not where I would’ve wanted my child to play.

The jobless-ness + new place to explore = Tuesday well spent.

Big Wave Bay 

With mummy here and a child who loves the beach (water to be more precise), we taxi-ed ourselves from Caine Road to Big Wave Bay. We were here in less than 45 minutes.

Reminded me much of Shek O. Less beautiful water colours, but still beautiful. Clean. The rocks added to the whole appeal. The sand was very fine. Actually, one of the finest in HK I’ve been to, yet.


Shek O Beach

One fine May afternoon, we found our way to Shek O Beach. Train to Siu Sai Wan and then a bus. One look and we wondered why we took so long to get there.

It was a gorgeous day. The sky colours, the water colours, the beach cleanliness – couldn’t have asked for more.


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