Bergen (from the Little Scandinavian Diary)

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Bergen (from the Little Scandinavian Diary)


This day marked coming back to Norway. We got to the airport fairly early (because of me :)). The Norwegian flight was on schedule and we arrived in Bergen around noon. About 40ish minutes later, we were in the city center after taking a bus. The city seemed simple and pretty.

The train station was about a block away from the bus stop, we got there, left our luggage in the lockers and went to the Bryggen area to explore.

Two different lunch stops for the hubster and I – read about my lunch here.

It was raining and I briefly got separated from the hubster and baby K. This was followed by meeting J, S and A there. A few photos, a funicular up to Fløyen, some more photos and a good view which would’ve been spectacular had there been some sun, but hey, no complaints. Grateful to God that at least I can travel, rain or shine 🙂

A little bit of walking, an early dinner and wrapping up from Bergen to go to crash at Evanger for the night at an Airbnb place.  The crashing didn’t happen easy.

We didn’t realize we had to hit a button to open the doors of the train.  The train, being delayed, hardly stopped at the station.  When the conductor came by, she did an oops!, but later said that it was our fault.  She offered to call a cab from Voss or offered for us to be on the same train that would return back.

The good – we had to stay in the train for about 45 minutes.  The bad – our journey length increased.  The better – we actually bumped into our Airbnb host with whom we walked to the place, which might not have been as easy and also that the other tenants didn’t keep the keys in the place she’d said we’d find them.  Did I mention it was raining and we had two little ones with us?

All’s well that ends well.

Here’s some Bergen in pictures

Bergen from BonViveur on Vimeo.

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