Basta Pasta

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Disappointing under cooked spaghetti with the blandest tomato sauce – the only saving grace – fresh tomatoes.

Grilled vegetables – freshly grilled. Saving grace but literally one bite of each.

It looks inviting from the outside, but alright from inside. Not a cheap place, but the decor and food, both lack a finesse. OK to visit for a strictly casual evening.


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0 thoughts on “Basta Pasta

  1. nycbonvivant:
    Spaghetti is supposed to be under cooked you goose. It not meant to come out of a can!

    1. I believe there is a difference between being cooked to the bite (and avoid it becoming mushy) as opposed to being able to feel the raw floury texture – read undercooked or even slightly uncooked.

  2. I’m not a fan of this place. Mediocre food at a high price. And the portion sizes are a joke. I recently went for the first time in years and was treated with surprising rudeness. When you run up a $500 check, I think you’re entitled to spend two hours without being given the bum’s rush, i.e., delivering our coats to the front of the restaurant and loudly telling us that they’ve done this. It was mean-spirited and embarrassing for no good reason.

    1. I agree that any service below hospitable in the hospitality industry is disappointing. There’ve been a few places I’ve been to where the food was mediocre but the service so friendly and polite that I didn’t mind as much.

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