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The first NYC visit with baby K on this Fall Sunday (October 26). Planned Central Park but ended up at High Line Partk. Planned Middle Eastern but ended up with Italian.

It was a pretty sunny day. But by the time we managed to ready ourselves and the baby, the sun decided to take it easy, behind the clouds. And so, rather than spending time going up (read north) to Central Park, we decided to park around the High Line park and take a stroll there. Baby K seemed to enjoy the cold weather too.

After some strolling and photo-taking on the mobile at the high line, we did some more strolling in meat packing and finally ended up at Barbuto.  Being the fall season, it was pumpkins and squash in our menu – the chef tossed us this spaghetti pasta with different types of squash and cauliflower.  The gnocchi with the squash was great and soft.  Remember how I was telling you that at Apizz, they just had taken the butternut squash raviolo to another level.  With that as the benchmark for Italian, I must say that this food exceeded expectations.  It wasn’t Apizz or the Yountville’s Bottega, but it still reminded me of those places.  The treatment of the squash and pumpkin was just excellent.  If you’re in the hood, give it a shot.

It was a nice experience, the place was hip and we were seated close to the bar.  I enjoyed half a glass of wine (sharing it with the hubster) since I was (still am) nursing the baby.  Baby K was held up nicely to let us enjoy our dinner.  He was still on milk then, so it was easy..? This visit happened on the 26th of October and today is the 8th of February.  I keep thanking God for the little munchkin (read our baby K) and how he’s been so awesome and great!  Knock on wood.  Just being thankful 🙂

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