Baking: Another Birthday Cake and Packing and Moving

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Baking: Another Birthday Cake and Packing and Moving

This friend is going to India.  This friend is actually a friend’s wife, but we’re comfortable enough to call each other friends too.

So this friend was in a big company here, he was on a vacation in India and there, he was informed that he’s being let go.  Yikes.  We were all thinking what a bad and sad way to do this.  Then, this friend who’s in India is upset, obviously, but now doesn’t what to come back.  Not sure what’s going on in his head, whether he’s just plain pissed, doesn’t want to face people, will think about it later or anything else, we don’t know.

A few confused days later, it’s clear that this friend who is here has to move back because the friend in India has made it clear that he’s not coming back right away.  Later or not, they’ll decide.  So it’s been just helping this friend pack.  It’s a lot of stuff and not enough time to sell it off.

Instead of just throwing them, it was decided to give some to charity.  Good, right.  We’ve been helping this friend pack up stuff.  Keep some for ourselves (read all friends).  Some pretend to not want anything, for the fear of what others will think.  Some pretend to not care, then take up a bunch of things.  Some offer to keep it boxed and save it for them, in the event that they return.  Some took some stuff because they didn’t see a point having it all thrown or given away to charity.  I am one of them, guess which one 😉

Yesterday was this friend’s birthday and I made a cake for her.  She was all emotional the previous day and crying a bit, I felt bad for her.  I wasn’t particularly keen, but thought that’s the least I could do, given I’ve been talking about my baking to all and sundry.

In photos, here’s what I made.  Recipe picked up from here

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