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Following the press dinner last week at Giano, this was my first blogger’s dinner at Bagatelle this Wednesday, December 18.

Bagatelle NYC could probably not have asked for a better location. They’re situated in the hip and happening meatpacking district. This French bistro, I believe, is trying to continue to build on their reputation not just as a fun brunch place or a happening late-night party place, but also one that dishes out French fare. Earlier this year, Sébastien Chamaret took on the executive chef cap here.

This blogger’s meet, was a relatively formal set up where all of were seated down on a huge table, and it was decided that the chef would bring out dishes for the table, to share. It turned out to be one extravagant rendezvous with food.

Here goes!

Pizza a la truffle noir

Salade bagatelle
This was one refreshing salad. With fresh hearts of lettuce and a superb mustard dressing, this simple salad was a hit with me.

Salade de haricot verts
With truffle vinaigrette

Ravioli with black truffles
This was the vegetarian option for the gnocchi they got for the table. Tender, not doughy and bite sized, they were quite a change from the usually large pieces of ravioli that you see at other places. It was well cooked and soft.

This was the third dish, if you will, I could try that was vegetarian. Don’t get me wrong, but it was now an overdose of truffles for me with the three of the four dishes using it in abundance.

I’ve been to plenty of French restaurants. Does that come as a surprise, given I am a vegetarian? Maybe! But, I really have. And some of these, where I have had 8 to 15 course meals. So my taste buds missed the variety here. Again, not complaining, just saying. A vegetarian’s view!

The following three sides accompanied the big platters that arrived for my fellow bloggers.
Brussel Sprouts with butternut squash and candied pecans. I relished this. I am a fan of brussel sprouts and have tried it at every place I have been to that offers it. Fried, toasted, cold, warm, raw, leaves separated, you name it. This combination with the butternut squash was one of my favorites till date. And of course, pecans or walnuts always add that crunch to it.

See how nicely done they are, retaining their color.


I was enjoying the sprouts and the asparagus when Michael (one of our hosts/ organizers from Blue Polo Interactive) was gracious enough to confirm with our servers that I had a vegetarian entree coming up.

Brilliant flavors! With roasted red peppers and shallots, the couscous had a kick of sweet, salty of course, and a hint of tang, just a hint. The flavors danced in your mouth. Not the most perfectly cooked couscous (I thought it was a tad overdone) but could be the most flavorful I’ve eaten till date. I am not sure if this is on their menu, but if you like couscous, I’d suggest you try it.

Nice conversations were had with the fellow bloggers and the Blue Polo Interactive folks. Since the dinner was leisurely paced, by the time the desserts were served, some of the bloggers had to leave, in the interest of the time.

Some of us stayed for these array of desserts that followed.
Apple tarte tatin

Brioche bread pudding – my favorite dessert for the evening.


Chocolate mousse

Floating Island

It definitely felt like a kind of extravaganza with these huge entree platters coming on the table to share and it was fun to see the excitement on everybody’s faces.

Fun evening with new opportunities to socialize, learn about food and people and their works. Santé!



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