Back from Italy

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Back from Italy
I wrote this last evening, but didn’t get to posting it until now, because the wordpress app isn’t opening on my iPhone!
And we’re back home.  It’s a feeling of its own – being back home, no matter how much fun you’ve had during your vacation before, being back home after is incomparable.  On normal days (read when I’m local), you’d find me being out and about as much as I can, finding any and every reason.  No reason is fine too.
But today, I fee extra elated coming back home.  It was a tiring fortnight in Italy.  Mentally more than physically.  One big relief is that I’m home, and I won’t have to clean baby K’s potty as much as I had to, there.  It was yucky and disgusting and I was hoping he would cooperate, but K had his own plans.
Also, that my mother is visiting us two days later, which would mean almost no potty cleaning for the time she’s here 😉
Haven’t waited more for her, ever.  Though it might be for more selfish reasons this time around.
But yes, stay connected for updates on my Italy days.  Here are some pictures from the flight today, some superb views of the Alps.  And then, NYC.
And even though you can’t tell it in the last photo, the sun was a vibrant shade of red.  Interestingly enough, two days before, the moon was red too.  Spotted in Venice.

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