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Ayuthaiya Thai Restaurant Hong Kong

Ayuthaiya (Aqua Restaurant Group) was our Sunday evening dinner in Soho, Hong Kong. It’s almost our hood, and after having walked past it so many times, we made it this past Sunday.

green curry fried rice ayuthaiya thai restaurant hong kong

We were there around 18:30 or so, and there were hardly a few tables occupied.

The place has a fairly sleek and simple look. They have clearly marked options that could be made vegetarian. And not the ideal spot for people watching, but they have dainty little tables set up outside, if that’s your thing.


The hubster got TukTukTini (such a fun name!) which was lemongrass infused vodka with fresh passionfruit, rhubarb and lemongrass syrup for sweetness. It was good and had that tang.


For eating, we got the pad thai noodles, sans spices (the child!), green curry fried rice and a massaman curry.  Hungry people + delicious food meant polished plates.

The pad thai was the least yummy dish that evening, missing the quintessential tamarind sauce taste. The noodles were cooked fine. They got the sugar and peanuts on the side on the plate, not mixed in. Not bad, per se, but I like my pad thai saucy.

Ayuthaiya Thai Restaurant Hong Kong Soho Pad Thai Noodles

The green curry rice was very, very good. The rice had assimilated all that curry flavour. And that stasis of sweet, salt, spice was all there.

The curry was supreme. Quite rich and lush, with the flavours all coming through that creaminess. And the potatoes! This is the second place, I recollect that probably either baked or boiled and fried the potatoes before adding them in the curry and it provided another dimension to that curry! Rather than bulky potato chunks blobbed in, to be cooked along with other vegetables. I could’ve eaten this plain up as a soup.
Ayuthaiya Thai Restaurant Hong Kong Soho Curry


It hit the spots on their food!

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