Argentina B&B Milan

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I stayed at Argentina B&B in Milan.

It was a decent place. Our first stop in Italy and we learnt about the funny elevators. They are a set of steps above. Some elevators need keys. These are all old buildings and the elevators are really tiny.

I found and booked this place through Airbnb which now also has some options to cancel some reservations up to five days before without any fees, including the Airbnb fees. This was different from last when I used it in November for Portugal.

The place was exactly as in the pictures on Airbnb. The directions offered were fine and our check-in, smooth.

The only thing was that they probably did their upkeep, readying for breakfast late after midnight, and that did make some noise. Maybe it was jetlag too, but that was something I thought I’d mention. Not that it annoyed me or anything, just something to note.

Otherwise, it was a decent place. A small bit of walk from the Centrale station, but this was the one that looked good, based on the price.

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