Ao Nang Eco Inn

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IMG_20171217_165358 Until I got here, I kept thinking of this as an eco-friendly place. After I came here, I learnt the eco was for economical. Though it wasn’t exactly that, but I guess because the hubster booked it so late in the game, hence the prices.

It’s on one of the main streets in Ao Nang, close to the beach, so location isn’t an issue. AONANG ECO INN – Official Website – Aonang Krabi, Thailand

Though our rooms weren’t exactly as in the pictures. No fresh flowers in the room. Basic white linen. Not the whitest towels, but clean. Sad, dried flowers in the flower pots. Not the cleanest bathrooms, especially the shower curtains.

The only eco-friendly things I saw was stand-in bottles or dispensers for shampoos, conditioners and shower gels instead of those small disposable ones. But no hand-wash soap for the wash-basin?

Let’s be honest and say it’s more motel like, and I assume for most people, Krabi would be more of a lazy vacation, so I guess a better looking and feeling hotel would be better.

But if you’re going to be out and about all day, like we usually are, then this place will suffice. The rooms are spacious, with ours having balconies.

And though obstructed, it’s a semi decent view into the mountains. Probably other side of the road would’ve meant un-obstructed views.

They have breads, waffles, juices and coffee for breakfast. IMG_20171217_165015

The bad part was they charged us for a broken ash tray which shouldn’t have been in our room in the first place and a juice glass that the child broke durinf breakfast.

Funny sign, “with elevator” 😀
IMG_20171217_165035 IMG_20171217_165117

IMG_20171217_165119 IMG_20171217_165122

Follow my ex cues 😀
IMG_20171217_165348 IMG_20171217_165358

IMG_20171217_170404 IMG_20171217_170418

IMG_20171217_170424 IMG_20171217_170428

IMG_20171217_170437 IMG_20171217_170442

IMG_20171217_170454 The “views” IMG_20171217_175207

IMG_20171217_175208 IMG_20171217_175210


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