Antica Osteria da Divo

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Antica Osteria da Divo

This here, is yet another classic example of my greedy self. Where the love for food took over the love for travel.

So, I might have mentioned in one of the earlier posts – while looking up restaurants in Italy, I looked up people’s blogs, other resources and what not to find places. I didn’t delve deeper into what kind of places those were and all.

This was fancy. Fancy meant longer time spent on lunch. Which meant lesser time spent strolling around.

More, because we were on a tight schedule and had to meet our tour guide, leaving hardly any time to stroll around central Sienna. It was so charming. But I can hardly say that about our host at this restaurant.

We had a toddler in tow, and all she was worried about was that he would break their dinnerware. Not that we are the carefree parents on that front by any means. But I was a bit disappointed by the lack of compassion.

The place was super cool. Rustic to the T with brick walls and stone sinks. Even a well (covered with acrylic) to throw your coins and make wishes.

What we ate included a curried vegetable mix in a phyllo dough – I pictured it totally differently. This thing was pretty Indian in taste. Curried, duh, you say!

Ribollita – I had to had to have it. I loved it so so much that first evening that I wanted to slurp as much as I could. This was good, not great.

Next up was some ravioli. Can’t seem to remember the stuffing, but it was a-OK. And the greedy me couldn’t not order the molten chocolate cake. That alone, would’ve given us at least 10 minutes to roam around.

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