Anka Grill

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Anka Grill

This is one of those places you’ll rarely find me eating a dinner at.  Tonight, I was being lazy.  I had the chance to dine wherever and shop wherever but I chose to be lazy and dined here and window-shopped at Uniqlo and Gap before a special screening of City of Gold at MOMA.

This falafel bowl was decent, and good enough for two with a side.

The falafels were fried to order.  They were good.

They called it brown rice but I’m sure it was some grain or pasta.  Not rice for sure. It was flavorful, nevertheless.  But I felt cheated.  I’m a rice person + middle eastern places demand that.  

The bread was big.  And probably because it was at room temperature that it felt it a bit dense, it still had the moisture and softness and a little bit of fluffiness.  I guess eaten warm, it would’ve been great.  Read better.

The other fare was usual – the spiced onions, pickled cabbage, wilted lettuce and tomatoes.  The spicy pickled peppers stood out.


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Anka Grill

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