Angelino Ai Fiori

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Angelino Ai Fiori

We’re now on day 4 and a proper meal hasn’t been had since morning.

We’ve gone to the colosseum and the baby has slept. So we think we’d be able to do the Roman Forum too, while he’s asleep and then grab a bite. But almost as soon as we enter (read swipe our tickets), he gets up. And he’s crying.

He’s hungry and it’s my fault for not getting something substantial for him to eat since morning so we decide to go to the closest restaurant and that is .  Probably as touristy as it can get. And though the food wasn’t bad, the food in Italy hasn’t wowed me yet.

We got the risotto which was again, slightly undercooked, by my taste. But the taste wasn’t bad. Buttery and simple.  On the side we got some parmesan baked asparagus. Of which they really forgot to cut those rooty yellowy ends.

One glass of wine to go with the meals. And we kept it simple to relish a nice dinner in Trastevere later that evening.

And I don’t want to sound ungrateful, so was glad to have a place that was open around 2:30 in the afternoon, when most places close up (in Italy), to open for dinner only around 7 or later.  So, thankful!

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