Amelia’s Bistro

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Amelia’s Bistro

This Sunday, we went for brunch to Amelia’s Bistro. A place I’ve been to before and wouldn’t have repeated but for this group.

It was U’s birthday and almost like her farewell lunch. Read more about the story around that and the cake that I made for her here.

Quite a bit of wine was fun, but I barely got to eat anything.I tried a couple of slices of the flatbread pizzas which were good. I sampled the farro, guacamole, braised mushrooms.

Didn’t get to taste the French toast because we have a grumpy hubster who insists that you take turns eating so that the other can handle the child. Grumpy because he doesn’t even want to pass you a morsel of food, even though you voluntarily offer to keep the child.

I ordered a side of vegetables that our server described would be roasted, but were more like steamed. And completely bland. The eggplant salad packed more flavors than the vegetables.

Coming back to our server, his name was David and was a very friendly guy. He even brought some coloring sheets and crayons for baby K.

With the big group that we were and the noise that we made, he certainly was patient with us.

A funny excerpt of a conversation.

A (hubster): You must be hiding, avoiding going to the city, now that you have a baby.

A (the one with conspicuously loud makeup on most occasions): There’s something called hot mommies.

D (me!): [Smiling!] [Actually, laughing in my head :p]

Here’s some of what the group ordered and ate.


Here are the crayons and the coloring sheets.  And baby K!
I? I had to do with some good old dal chawal later that evening. The wine kept me going until then.

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