Amalfi Coast

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Amalfi Coast was the hubster’s most-liked part of the Italy we travelled. It was good. The Tyrrhenian waters were really beautiful and really blue. The bluest I’ve seen till date.

It turned out to be somewhat off an odd schedule. One – I didn’t plan the whats and hows in details.

So, day 1 – we took the train from Rome to Salerno and then the bus to Amalfi. The train ride was long – over three hours. And then we got the bus, thankfully, after not a super long wait – that’s how I timed the train. It was a beautiful beautiful drive. Glistening waters and all – they’re true. The pretty sights made the long trip bearable 🙂

Once we got off at the bus stop, we went to our accommodation which also talks a bit about my skepticism handling nice and friendly people. Read about it here.

The hubster and the child showered while I freshened up to head out to lunch at Da Gemma.

A little argument over what’s the best way to deal with a child, and we were off on a local bus to Ravello. The town was pretty. Small and touristy. But pretty. The hubs and the baby played around in the main center area while I went to explore the Villa Rufolo. It was a nice and pretty sight. Not a very expensive ticket to get in, but if you’ve done the Cinque Terre or plan to do Positano and such, this is skippable. On the other hand, Ravello seems to be lesser touristy than Positano, which looked like a complete holiday town.

We wrapped up here with a superb early dinner at Trattoria Da Cumpa Cosimo.

The twilight sights were as pretty.

Next day was essentially Capri which will get a post of it’s own. But with relatively limited ferry schedules and even less time on hands, we rushed back to stop at Positano. It was gorgeous and grand and touristy but still very very charming. All those pictures you see, and then you see it live. It was classic.

My hopes to get in a Michelin starred restaurant here without making reservations didn’t come true but we ended up walking only a little bit before heading back. The hubster was angry, as usual. And then on the way back, we took the second to last bus to Amalfi, I believe. It was packed. And it ran late. And there was no concept of lines. And a lady cut us. And the hubster blew off his steam and they had a pretty long argument.

The others on the bus jumped in asking them to peace out, and shouted, ‘Oppa!’ That was the only fun part of their argument.

I had to stand a part of the ride with the baby held, but there was a nice gentleman who supported me against falling on the door – as I was standing by the steps of the center door. A little later, a lady was kind enough to offer me her seat.

We got back home, in a fairly timely manner. The hubs, not wanting to dine out and still in an upset mood for God knows what, decided to stay in.

And I went out on my second solo dinner of the trip. And another one that was extremely delicious. Read about it at La Caravella.

There are three cafes that I went to, in the Amalfi coast / Salerno province that I will write about soon.

The third and final day in the coast was spent commuting to and from Naples just to eat pizza! What did I think about that – stay tuned to know more.

Amalfi Coast from BonViveur on Vimeo.

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