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After a beautiful Saturday spent at home because the husband had an upset tummy and a hangover from his previous evening’s team dinner, I spent until after noon of the Sunday at home when I realized I had to move out for the weekend 🙂

The rains did not deter me and the husband & I went arrived at the city for an early dinner at 6:30 to this lovely bistro called Almond. It was a relief stepping out from home, though it was drizzling and it was lovely when we entered the restaurant.

Sexy wooden decor!


Rosemary Flatbread *****
with ramps paste/ pestor, sliced fingerling potatoes, greens, spring onions topped and fontina cheese.
This was one of the best flatbreads I have eaten till date.

Goat cheese ravioli **.5
with fava beans, leeks, pistachio and marjoram
A bit under cooked, the ravioli cover was a tad chewy. I was expecting the fava beans to be the star of the dish, but it was more of a garnish. That said, the ravioli cover was thin and the dish was very well presented. That said, I’ve had better ravioli than these 🙂

Three bean salad **.5
Nice and tangy with the preserved lemon, I was expecting this to be a fava bean/ red bean/ chickpeas kind of a bean salad, as opposed to the long beans.

Avoidable complements of the house on showing your yelp check in – sweet cream/ ice cream inside bread. Nay!

Sticky toffee date cake ****
The second star of the dinner after the flat bread. Must try. Perfectly moist and spongy and sweet and warm.

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