Airports – Seville and Lisbon

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Airports – Seville and Lisbon

I’m one of those who’d rather reach the airport early than late.  For Seville airport on a Sunday morning, that seemed like a bad idea.  We got there with more than two hours to spare and we had nothing to do.  There was nothing to do.

And I was very hungry.  And there was nothing to eat.  I mean nothing that got my attention.  I ended up getting this pizza.  While it was good and all, I regretted having missed an opportunity to eat some more in the fun Seville.


We had very little time on our layover in Frankfurt, which was big and colorful and festive for the holiday season.  And the restaurants looked good too.  And then I wished I had more time at this airport 😉

The line was long for passport control and our connection time was only 1 hour 30ish minutes.  However, I asked one of the authorities’ people, and he let me quite ahead in the line, which saved me time.  He was friendly and also gave me the directions to the gate Z and assured me that I’d have enough time and that I shouldn’t worry.

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