Airlines: United from Newark to Munich

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The weather was all good when I left home. It got very dark and cloudy around 4 with light showers but clearer again. We boarded on time. But here we are, an hour and 30 minutes later. Weather, they say is not all cleared though we don’t see it from where we sit.
And we finally took off around 7.
Dinner: Sloppy! No bread, a boring cookie for dessert. A entree from Rajbhog that looked like was made 27 years ago. Not tasty at all. I’ve eaten better food from Rajbhog. Plus, they actually had an Asian vegetarian option, with some spinach curry. I wanted to eat that too. Because the portion was minuscule. At least they filled up the wine glass!
Breakfast: A sad ‘croissant’. No butter, no jam, nothing. I had to ask for it. The ‘no special meals’ people were served that with butter, jam and a flavored yogurt.
Otherwise: OK. No complaints. It seemed like a newer craft which meant newer controls, screens and such. The economy seats didn’t seem as tight as they otherwise do.


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