Airlines: Emirates from New York (JFK) to Milan (MXP)

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Airlines: Emirates from New York (JFK) to Milan (MXP)

It was a good flight, looked fairly new.  The largest craft I sat on and things went smoothly without any issues.

We’d requested Asian Vegetarian and Vegan Meals and were not disappointed with them.  In fact, the Asian vegetarian food was one of the tastiest I’d eaten on any flight till date.  They served dinner and a hearty breakfast on the flight.

They gave a little panda blanket for the little one.

My only complaint with them was the delay in the food service.  The depart time was past 10 and they started with the dinner service almost an hour later after the flight was up in the air.  I’ve travelled Lufthansa and they were super fast in that aspect – started the service almost as soon as the flight was up.

But overall, it was a good flight and great food.

We tried to travel as light as we could – for two weeks, it was just three roller bags!


Love The Glenlivet and the Skip Hop ones.  My little one wanted to draw his giraffe bag everywhere!


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