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A vegetarian friendly Cuban place that could accommodate us on a Saturday evening without a reservation is reason enough to not complain, right?

The food was not at all disappointing. Neither was the service. Nor the wines or the mojito. It was a fun evening; other than the fact that these two friends discounted me for being drunk (I wasn’t – that’s what they all say, right :p) and started gossiping, not taking names, assuming I wouldn’t get it. Was it just the alcohol or that they thought I couldn’t decipher their conversation?

Guess who was being naive there! It’s not the first time I’ve noticed but this was just a confirmation of my notions about them.  I am not oblivious to their actions.  

I know my rant is a little long winded and I haven’t spoken about the food at all, but I promise I’ll finish it. In the future, when I will read this post, I’m sure going to feel how immature I was!  Even though, at that point (in the past), I might’ve thought that I’m the most mature person I know of :p

Well, that part might be true.  As even the others might’ve matured only with time.

The food – we ordered virtually every vegetarian option in their menu.

Mariquitas ***
plantain chips, guacamole and black bean hummus. The chips and the dips were a bit light on salt.

Torta de Frijoles ***.5
black bean dumplings – more like fried mini patties.

Croquetas de Hongo ***
wild mushroom, piquillo sauce

Yuca Frita ****
A new twist on the yuca fries, doused with garlic.

Queso de Cabra ****
spiced walnut, goat cheese, mixed greens, apples, sherry vinaigrette

Vegetarian burger *** – similar to the black bean dumplings

Vegeteriano Platos Fuertes **
Light on salt, so the spices didn’t come out
congri rice, squash, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, piquillo sauce


Tres Leches ***

Cuban Cigar *
The cigars were where they put all their salt!

The chocolate cake (mousse with cake) **.5

Salud! to a good evening.

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