Addis in Cape

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Addis in Cape

Addis in Cape was my reuniting with Ethiopian food after about 9 months.

Hong Kong does not have any Ethiopian restaurants. Zero! So, when they say HK must compare to NYC on the food front, nu-uh! No! Never!

This spring, when we were to travel to South Africa and the cheapest airlines was Ethiopian, thought of taking a break in Addis Ababa just to eat Ethiopian food did cross my mind. It DID!

I didn’t end up breaking that journey. But I did end up eating Ethiopian food as my first meal in Cape Town. And I wasn’t disappointed.

The place was big. I reached there around 15:00, after a long wait to get up the Table Mountain. The time was odd, as a result of which I had the whole place to myself.

I hadn’t eaten anything since morning. And that little glass of sherry hit the sweet spot, hah!

I ate up the whole platter, even though it says for one, it’s good for two really. But I managed it on my own. Gone, devoured, just like that. And while I was focussing on the lentils and vegetables, there was a bit of injera remaining. The kind server thought I didn’t have enough and got me some more of the misir wat.

I have no shame, I ate that too!

Strolled around the city center, before hopping on the sunset bus tour. Read about it here.

And here’s my Ethiopian food that I devoured. My eyes were gleaming with satisfied joys that day! Also, this was the first time I’d eaten white injeras!


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