Aberdeen Street Restaurant & Bar

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Aberdeen Street Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong

After our flight back to Hong Kong from the impromptu Geroge Town trip, we came home to leave the bags and then stepped out for dinner with the hubster.


This day also marked eleven years of us being engaged. We were tired from the flight and it was fairly late in the day, so we just hopped out of the house and into this restaurant down the street.

It’s a nice location, in next street across Soho and right opposite a little park for the kids.

They had plenty of vegetarian options, plus an area for the child to play, and a chalk wall to scribble on. We sat outdoors as the weather was great.

Beginning with a glass of red wine, we went on to try their hummus, vegetarian taco, mini samosas and eggplant parmesan.

The hummus was good. The pita was warm, lightly toasted, and seemed whole wheat.

The taco had a generous portion of vegetables, mushrooms, and beans, but it was a bit much of oregano for my liking, but I understand that this wasn’t an authentic Mexican restaurant, so not much expectations were there, to begin with.

The mini samosas were quite interesting, with sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese stuffed, served with a yogurt sauce. They looked super cute and presentable. Looked pale but were cooked perfectly, so don’t let that deceive you.

They didn’t have french fries which the child wanted, so we went ahead with the roasted potatoes. Asking them to skip any spices meant it arriving with just salt tossed on it.

The eggplant parmesan was served with a side of salad. And it was quite average. It may or may not have been fresh, but seemed like a frozen piece was heated for us. This was one of those entrees – nothing bad about it, nothing great about it.

The servers and the owner were all very nice and friendly.

Overall, decent food, kid-friendly with a cozy outdoor setup.

And we managed a meal without fighting 😉

Cheers to more years of being engaged ahead!

Aberdeen Street Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong Wine
Aberdeen Street Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong Hummus
Aberdeen Street Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong Taco
Aberdeen Street Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong Eggplant Parmesan

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