Travel: Vienna

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Travel: Vienna

Day 710:30

10 EUR for the tiniest pour of red wine. You know you’re in a tourist spot when… this was Cafe Sacher
Did the St. Stephens Cathedral and wandered a little to go to Tian at noon only to find that it is on a summer break for 20ish days. So land at Cafe Eskeles which looks good. Fast slow food types. And it’s busy.
16:01 – the AC of the trams don’t seem to be working. I’m on the second one so far.
Some more walking, more trams and learnt that the AC works on those newer ones.
Their architecture is grand – the palaces, museums and all. I did the regular touristy things in the city center, went to the colorful Hundertwasserhaus, which you cannot now look at from inside. But they were sprightly to watch from the outside too.
I realized I wasted a good hour when I went ahead for the Vienna eye (giant wheel) which wasn’t as giant and more of an amusement park thing.
Came back, shopped and window shopped a bit in the Inner Stadt / Ring Road area, ate dinner around the Ankerhur which was the best part about my Vienna day.
Vienna didn’t impress me much. But stay tuned for more photos and details.

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